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    HeiQ Viroblock Shield gloves

    12.50 CHF 


    HeiQ Viroblock tube scarf (with 10 replacement filters)

    29.00 CHF 

    HeiQ Smart Temp Sports T-shirt

    49.00 CHF 

    Sani:Cream with HeiQ Viroblock

    12.50 CHF 

    20 x replacement filters for community masks

    14.90 CHF 

    10 x HeiQ Viroblock tube scarf replacement filters

    7.50 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Body Lotion

    15.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Hygienic Hand Gel

    7.50 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Clean – Cleaning Spray

    9.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Clean – Allergen Spray

    27.90 CHF 

    HeiQ Synbio Care – Athlete Spray

    17.90 CHF