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    HeiQ Synbio Care – Athlete Spray

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    HeiQ Synbio Care – Athlete Spray

    This probiotic spray helps to eliminate persistent foot and sweat odor

    What makes it great:

    • Good bacteria – so called probiotics break up the smelly components of sweat,proteins from undesired bacteria
    • 💚 Naturally restores the skin’s healthy microbiome with probiotics that rebalance the bacterial environment on feet
    • HeiQ Synbio is not just a neutralizer or cover up bad smell, the probiotics solve the root of the problem
    • Probiotics support a balanced skin microbiome on your feet
    • Treats and prevents embarrassing odors with regular use.
    • Providesa cooling, refreshing sensation to the feet after sport
    • PatentedHeiQ Synbio Technology inside
    • Made in Belgium

    Directions for use:

    • Spray directly on the feet, allow to dry
    • Spray onto shoes, socks and clothing, allow to dry
    • Apply to items before use to prevent odor, or after use to eliminate odor
    • The continuous mist of the spray bottle ensures an even application
    • 180ml bottle

    Ingredients: AQUA; Bacillus ferment; PHENOXYETHANOL; INULIN;
    Shelf life: 3 years

    Why probiotics?
    Sweat is odorless. It is the bacteria on our skin that feed on the proteins and sugars of our skin and produce an odorous secretion. Very often the sweat, the bacteria and their secretions are transferred to our clothes, socks and shoes. Probiotics are also bacteria, but the good ones! They help break down the proteins and odors produced by the other bacteria, eliminating the source of the bad odor.

    Our skin is home to trillions of microorganisms. By applying HeiQ Synbio Care Athlete Spray to our feet and other items that carry sweat and therefore odor, we give the treated surfaces a boost of good bacteria (probiotics).

    Patented Synbiotics – more than just probiotics
    The patented HeiQ Synbio combines biology with technology, combining probiotics and prebiotics. Probiotics are the good bacteria that improve skin health, while prebiotics are nutrients that stimulate the development of these good bacteria and support the good bacteria already present. This creates a diverse and good microbiome that prevents the development of unpleasant sweat and foot odor. In addition, probiotics are active dirt dissolvers that cleanse the skin on a microscopic level. This leads to a purifying skin cleansing and thus to a smooth and healthy skin appearance.

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    HeiQ Synbio Care – Athlete Spray



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